#musicamondays #MusicMondays (23)

Welcome to the 23rd installation of #musicamondays #MusicMondays, which features music from around the globe. Each song is selected to start your week off on the good foot! One still in the bed and the other in another country…

This classic tune hails from South Africa’s own Mafikizolo. “Ndihamba Nawe” is the southern Africa’s electric slide on diagonal, low dipping, shameless party vibe. The video shows this is their pre-Naija remix phase. But the sounds should be a reminder, that this week is going to be a great week. The choice is yours.

#musicamondays #MUSICMONDAYS (11)

This classic samba album from Jorge Ben Jor is one to start of your week with pep. This is the root of all the current day Samba, Bossanova, and even the Funk(y)! we all love so much from Brazil.

Welcome to the 11th installation of #musicamondays & #MUSICMONDAYS, which features music from around the world. Each song is selected to start your week off with a new energy and new country(ies) to explore! Go forth and do great things!

Enjoy the tunes…