Page Turner

One has to ask if Nooks and e-readers brought sexy back to reading.  Books on tape never quite made this kind of a splash, but people have been trying to get around actually picking up a book and turning its leafy pages for decades now.  We used to call these people lazy.  Now, perhaps, they are the efficient, eco-friendly, educated wave of the future. The debate rages on and only time will tell if e-readers are Jennifer Aniston (the girl next door that no one expected to be a dud) or Angelina Jolie (the new girl on the block that’s here to stay and ready to birth a global generation). Everybody knows that I still love words in print, but frolicking through the web content of these reads still gets me all tingly inside.

Tabloids: Somehow I can’t justify sacrificing a tree for celebrity gossip, but I will burn out my Mac’s back light reading Bossip!Perez HiltonPop Sugar & World Star Hip Hop. Maybe it’s the ability to link to all the videos and pull up the old articles, but the celebrity dish is just better on screen.

Dwell Magazine: From household D-I-Y tricks to tricked out design solutions, Dwell Magazine always leaves me with something more than I bargained for.  Responsible money management, smart home design and modern families make me all hot & bothered in a future soccer mom kind of way.

BBC World News:  Sometimes NPR is too preachy or localized, and Fox News is just adult male cow diarrhea.  BBC World seems to cover stories that would make it on CNN, the History Channel, Discovery America and Spike TV.  There is even a languages section, so you can hear educated reporting in any dialect that’s sweetest to your ears.

VerySmartBrothas Blog:  Apparently this is the new pulse of Black America, young America, dating America, single and searching America, single parent and fed-up America, horizontal mambo America. You name it, America, and VSB has covered it at some point in time, and I bet whatever was said was both true and funny. Now, that’s sexy literature.

Cookbooks & Foodblogs:  Cookbooks are better known as paperweights in my kitchen. They aren’t on hand when I’m in the supermarket – ready to buy ingredients needed to make cumbersome recipes with ingredients I can’t pronounce.  It’s easy to look up food blogs like Slice of my Lyfe, Sin-a-Mon, and Food & Wine Magazine while getting creative in the produce aisle or trying to figure out what is in season at my food co-op or new in my CSA box.

What else do you prefer to read on the web, instead of on glossy/ matte paper?

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