B*tches in Bangkok

While I sure do appreciate the Black men roaming the streets of Paris, nothing quite compares to being a babe in Bangkok.  This is the home of black market, high quality purses, deep discounts on handicrafts & skimpy skirts, and street food so good you’ll slap your mama. And these things, my friends, make a bombshell quite happy in any city, but let’s ask ourselves “Why Bangkok?”


Bangkok has pink taxis. And not a subtle Mary Kay pink, either. It is a hot pink that makes you want to eat it up like cotton candy topped with sprinkles and a hint of strawberry sauce. Men aren’t worried about their manhood as they drive the pink passion pick me ups. And that is yet another reason why Bangkok is so awesome. Guys aren’t weirdos. Dudes don’t stare. Men are not hyper masculine. Pink streets scream safety for beauties.


The streets are also safe because they’re paved. I didn’t realize how important pavement is for femininity, until I moved to India where I quickly traded my high heels for ballerina flats. I’m never sure if I’ll have to walk on a dirt road or if the sidewalk will abruptly end or if I might stumble and fall into a man sized hole while walking around a guy peeing in the bushes. Who worries about that in Bangkok? No one! Not even the ladyboys worry about it, and that’s a ringing endorsement in my eyes.

ImageThere are spas every 10 feet. Massage parlors are open from 10am – 11pm and most of these places actually do give real massages that don’t end in happy endings. How does $10 for an hour massage sound to you? And how about fresh brewed tea afterward? See, I told you that Bangkok was the bomb diggity! No reservations needed and people always greet you with a smile. Not every masseuse is created equal, so I’d recommend the ones nearest Wat Pho.


Speaking of Wat Pho, let’s face it, b*itches love the Buddha. We’re always trying to get our zen on. Any place with a gold reclining Buddha is exactly where b*tches wanna be! From the gardens to the smaller sized golden buddha collections, this is a pleasant tourist experience that isn’t mired by obnoxious crowds or overbearing hawkers. Chicks dig temples!

ImageNo matter what kinda girl you are, it’s ok to be girlie. No matter how old or young, women in Bangkok primp. No matter how rich or how poor, ladies take pride in their look. Sometimes the look is a work uniform, other times it’s a Mickie & Minnie Mouse t-shirt. All I can say is that being soft and feminine, giggly and glamorous, isn’t a sign of weakness in this town.

The gallery has more on why Bangkok’s got the goodies for all the girlies, and the next time you are fishing for a place to have a man-less vacation – don’t skip over Thailand. Nightclubs are all the rage and VAT refunds are easy to obtain. Good food, catchy music, safe streets, nice people, cheap buys…”it gets the people goin’!”

2 thoughts on “B*tches in Bangkok

  1. Count me in! Creating a list of places to see in Asia and Thailand is on it. The market looks scrumptious with lots of good shopping. Black market high quality a phrase that could lead to trouble, good trouble that is. Can’t wait to see what you saw. Purchasing clothes in Asia is a problem for me . . . they don’t fit. Makes me sad because there are beautiful items to be had by all . . . who can fit them

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