#musicamondays #MUSICMONDAYS (37)

Welcome to the 37th installation of #musicamondays #MusicMondays, which features music from around the globe. Each song is selected to start your week off on the good foot! One still in the bed and the other in another country…

These good vibes have a whole history that is stranger than fiction. This song is a Jack Wilson, remake of a Louisa Mark classic British lover’s rock tune. Ok, so why is this odd? Well, my whole mind just got blown reading up on these artists, so maybe you will share in this amazement.

Ok so, Jack’s full bio is here, but in short he was a jazz pianist from the MidWest (USA), he did hit Atlantic City in his lengthy career, but was primarily Chicago based – when he wasn’t in the Army. Louisa, however, was a British singer that went by the name “Markswoman” (how badass is that). She was born to Grenadian parents and grew up in London. Apparently, Black Britain (aka South London)  had it’s own lover’s rock movement – who knew? – and she was a mega star. In any case, somehow she moved to Gambia and that’s where she died – of either poisoning or a stomach ulcer (Maybe both?) in 2009. Again, mind blown… this song is fire, as is all the talent that went into making the original and remix of 6 Six Street…

May your Monday be merry!


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