#musicamonday #MUSICMONDAY (53)

Welcome to the 53rd installation of #musicamondays #MusicMondays, which features music from around the globe. Each song is selected to start your week off on the good foot! One still in the bed and the other in another country…

I was away from Mozambique for just a few weeks and to make amends with my absence, all month long, I’m bringing you artists from the great kingdom of Mutapa, the home of king Gungunyane, the gem of South East Africa… my adopted home for now… Mozambique!

Hope this tune from Lizha James & Afro Madjaha gets you up and out… if you’re interested in less of the high pitched vocals… look for the Xingomana original… which is  just as good, if not better than the remix. That was a double gift… de nada.

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