This paper ain’t writing itself…

Dear family & friends,

Unfortunately, this paper ‘sho ain’t writin’ itself!

So, to keep you entertained while I try to write it, please listen to my new favorite Afro-pop song. I heard this one while on my recent trip to Mozambique

When you’re done, take the time to browse the new photos from my August 2013 trips to Maputo, Mozambique and Lucknow, India.

Before you go, check out the latest titles of books about India that I’ve been reading from GoodReads (see the widget on the right side tool bar). Some titles are too recent, too old, or too obscure to have a photo or listing, so click here to read the reviews for Manoj & Babli: A Hate Story, Curry in the Crown and Warrior in a Pink Sari.

Yes, it has been a busy month.

I will tell you all about it once I get this academic monkey off my back.

With love,

Aging Capricorn

Summer Loving

Forgive my cheating heart. My pen is busied by exams and my time to write a mindful blog post is evaporating before my very eyes. So, I’m hoping you’ll bear with me by lending me your ears. In my quest to procrastinate, I’ve been youtube-ing love songs and ratchet reality tv shows.  Since this is a classy blog, I’ll focus on the former. Let me take this time to present to you the fruits of my toils – the top ten most underrated English-language love songs of all time my hours spent avoiding studying. In no particular order: