30 before 30

imagesThis year I turned 28. Sure, in the developed world of Botox and Viagra, 28 is considered young. Back here in the old country, my face is already sagging and I should be in bed by 9pm – or else I’ll turn into a harlot werewolf. I kid.

In reality, I’m straddling two worlds, begging to be taken in as a full fledged member by one or the other – whichever will have me first.  In my latest attempt to court my youth, I decided to reach out to young people in a small city in Uttar Pradesh. Needless to say, I now feel old – very, very old.

So old, in fact, that after two glasses of red wine I’m thinking of how my days to 30 are numbered and few. Before all of my enthusiasm fades and I take to watching old Hitchcock movies while drinking single malts, here’s my list of 30 things I want to do before I’m 30.  I solicit my friends, family & strangers to help me make my dreams come true (not in a Robert DeNiro in Great Expectations kinda way, thank you) in the next 23 months. While this list may seem extreme, it’s only because the life I’ve lived ’til now has been effin’ amazing. #realtoppatop #shouldershrug

In no particular order…

1- Go to Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

2- Sponsor a child’s education

3- Go to Durban, South Africa Durban





4- Publish a text

5- Own a safe deposit box

6- Fly a plane

Aschobi Designs

7- Wear a designer ball gown





8- Own a business

9- Attend my best friend’s wedding

10- See my eldest godson go to college

11- See my youngest godson smile from ear to ear

12- Pay off all my credit card debt

13- Buy another house

14- See Igacu FallsIgacu Falls






15- Curate an art show

16- Collect an oral history of my family

17- Drive cross country (USA)

18- Actually learn more about African-American history #dontjudgeme

19- Give a guest lecture at a university

20- Get a grill Hycide




21- Get another tattoo

22- Go on a spiritual retreat/pilgrimage

23- Visit Macon, Alabama

24- Help an Indian girl to get out of poverty

25- Help a Cape Verdean girl to get out of poverty

26- Help a Brazilian girl to get out of poverty

27- Help a Newark girl to get out of poverty Newark




28- Go on a girls trip with my mom

29- Buy a collector’s edition purse #dontjudgeme

30- Be genuinely happy