Last Meal

I often say my farewells through food and this departure is no different. So, here’s a collection of all the stuff I’ve been trying to stuff in my mouth before America is a place of my past. Feast your eyes on my guilty pleasures.

image-9 copy

Pretzel bread!

Starbucks suckkaaaassssss!

Starbucks suckkaaaassssss!

Haitian Food – Poisson Frit, Black Rice and Green Plantain!

Pho Food Truck!

image-11 copy

Gourmet sour patch kids!

image-12 copy

My Birthday tradition – Strawberry Shortcake!

image-17 copy

French Patisserie!

image-19 copy

Sharp Cheddar with no additives from Mom’s Organic Market!


Nutribullet green juice chased by red wine! (In that order)

Salmon Wrap!

Salmon Wrap!


Hood spots!

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