musicamondays MUSICMONDAYS (40)

Welcome to the 40th installation of #musicamondays #MusicMondays, which features music from around the globe. Each song is selected to start your week off on the good foot! One still in the bed and the other in another country…

In celebration of July 4th, let’s all get free… which these days means… try to find a way to be Canadian (considering American options for the Presidency).

For this tune, Belly, a Palestinian-Canadian rapper, teamed up with my favorite dread lock, crooner for the ‘hood, The Weekend, who is also Canadian – born to Ethiopian immigrants. See, rags to riches, from all corners of the world. Isn’t that the American dream? They got that in Canada too…

In any case, they are thuggin and druggin in this video… what better way to start your week off with a bop?

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